This Legacy is Yours

The stories within our exhibit, This Legacy is Yours, span over 200 years, and are comprised of an extensive roster of remarkable, local women who have made countless contributions to Champaign County throughout the years.

These individuals have shown themselves as both fearless and inspirational. Many are original members of the Champaign County Section of the National Council of Negro Women, while others are heavily involved in other organizations, such as Champaign County Urban League, Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, Concerned Citizens for a Better Neighborhood, WISDOM WORKS, and the National Council of Negro Women, to name a few.

These organizations, among others, have produced great change toward acceptance and inclusion of African Americans within the community, serving as examples on how to face adversity. 

Understanding that there is still much work to be done to make our community more inclusive and equal, the collection of women presented within these exhibits serve as a testimony to how far we have come as a people in such a short amount of time, and how hardships can often spur these positive, massive shifts. 

This Legacy is Yours was a cooperative effort between the National Council of Negro Women, Champaign County Chapter, and the Museum of the Grand Prairie. It was a physical special exhibit in 2001, and is an ongoing project to celebrate the achievements of African American Women in Champaign County.

Since this is an ongoing project, we are continuing to seek updated information about these remarkable individuals. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any recommendations, potential updates, or suggestions that may aid us in keeping this exhibit current and up to date.