Esther Mae Baker Stoba

Stoba, Esther Mae Baker

Esther M. Baker Stoba was born in Urbana on September 17, 1916. She was the daughter of Hanse E. and Stella Mae Baker. She attended Urbana elementary schools, then moved to Chicago to finish her last two years of high school, graduating from Englewood High School, Class of 1935. She returned to Urbana and attended the University of Illinois.

In 1943, she moved to Oakland, California, where she joined the American Red Cross. She was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. From there, she was shipped overseas to the southwest Pacific.

At the end of her tour of duty, she returned to the States. After completing Nurse's Training at Manhattan State Hospital in New York, she returned to Urbana and worked as Supervisor of Nurses in the Obstetrics Department at Mercy Hospital. Later, she worked at Carle Hospital, before returning to Covenant (formerly Mercy) until her retirement.

For several years, Ms. Stoba served on the Community Development Commission. She spearheaded the movement to boycott what might have been an Adult Bookstore on the corner of Goodwin and University Avenue in Urbana. She and her group were successful in the effort.

Her hobbies included reading and cooking.

Esther Mae Baker Stoba passed away on April 6, 2008. She was 91 years old.

Stoba, Esther Mae Baker